Spookems Lake

The Project

Spookems Lake is a collaborative group consisting of three individual shops: Celestial Lake, Spooky Pengin Art, and Jessy’s Jems Shop! Three friends decided to team up in order to support each other and offer a variety of our products in-person at craft shows around our area. The group reached out to me with the interest of starting a website to promote their sales and pop-up shops at events.

My Work

Web design & dev

I designed and developed the website for Spookems Lake, in collaboration with the client.


I took the headshots and group photos seen across the website.

Form integration

The client requested that I develop a custom form for the website to streamline communication and drive sales.

CMS integration

I integrated the simplest CMS ever so that my clients would have no issue keeping their website up to date without opening up their wallets.

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